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  This site, about Handmade Violins, is devoted to the classical technology that a luthier might use to create a superior instrument. Many of us seek to play or hear beautiful violin music. This site is devoted to the violin connoisseur player or listener. Please email violin pictures and violin sound so that people can hear the different tones with each instrument. Mail to :

Vintage Luthier in Violin Shop

Peter Paul Prier

In 1972, in Salt Lake City, Utah, Peter Paul Prier set up a violin making school. The school tuition cost is around $11,000.00 per year and it takes about three years to complete the training.

There are not a lot of violin making schools and Peter Paul Prier is one of the best. They focus on quality and longevity. The goal of the program is to turn each student into a capable luthier. The school receives requests for their fine students each year and helps with placement.



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