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  This site, about Handmade Violins, is devoted to the classical technology that a luthier might use to create a superior instrument. Many of us seek to play or hear beautiful violin music. This site is devoted to the violin connoisseur player or listener. Please email violin pictures and violin sound so that people can hear the different tones with each instrument. Mail to :

Vintage Luthier in Violin Shop

Violin Bow

The violin is very important in how it feels and plays. Some violinists think that the bow is more important than the instrument itself. The importance of the bow is often overlooked in terms of importance. Some of the best bows are custom made and can cost thousands of dollars. Most people play on a bow that will cost around a hundred dollars and be made of synthetic materials. The best bows are made of horsehair from horses that live in cold weather. For some reason, cold weather hair plays better.

Violin Bow Wood

The wood of a violin bow is most often made of Pernambuco wood that comes from the Brazilian Atlantic Forests. The wood holds a curved shape well, is light and dense enough to hold its shape. It is considered the best type of wood for violin bow makers.

Violin Bow Hair

The high end handmade bows are made of Mongolian Horse Hair. Many of the low end bows are actually synthetic and some are lower end horsehair.

The Sound

You will get a different sound depending on the type and quality of the bow. How the bow fits into the hand, is shaped, and the quality of the hair determine the overall sound. No two bows sound exactly the same and every player will feel something different. It is a good idea to experiment with different bows to see what you like the best (what works for you).

You may start out on a cheap synthetic bow, but over time serious players will search for a handmade bow that is made well of Pernambuco Wood, Silver Frogs, and Mongolian Horse Hair.

The bow makes the instrument. This is an important rule of violin playing. Do not forget the importance of a good bow.



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